Introducing: Art Snacks.

Art Snacks is a brand new service that offers artists, interested individuals or creatives of any type a monthly shipment of surprise art supplies:

“Art Snacks is a monthly serving of the best art supplies.  Every month we deliver 4-5 full size art products right to your doorstep.”

I was lucky enough to be sent the first month’s serving and I have to say it was incredibly exciting having it arrive and opening the box to find all kinds of new art supplies to play with.  It was like Christmas or a birthday!  The idea of it coming every month is very exciting.  Along with my new art supplies I was given a very cool Art Snacks sticker and also a card explaining all the new art supplies and their purposes.  There was even CANDY.

Art Snacks seems like the start of something really cool for creatives.  If you’re interested in it more you can check out all the details over at Art Snacks.

Check out a rad and entertaining unpacking video by another Tumblr below:

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Thanks so much for the great write up! 

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